An Introduction to The Course (WELCOME)
  • Welcome to the course!
Installing WordPress on Domain & Hosting
  • Getting What we Need & Installing WordPress
  • What Coupon Should I Use?
  • Logging into WordPress (in future)
  • Changing Our WordPress Password
  • Adding / Removing the WWW. From Our Domain Name
WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Installing WordPress THEMES (2 different methods)
  • Installing WordPress PLUGINS (2 different methods)
Adding Pages & Posts on WordPress
  • Adding PAGES on WordPress (text, images, etc)
  • Adding BLOG POSTS on WordPress (text, images, tags, etc)
  • Setting Up Our Websites Homepage
  • Turning The WordPress Comments Feature ON/OFF
Organizing Our Websites Content
  • Creating Custom Navigation Menus on WordPress
Changing Our WordPress Websites Sidebar!
  • An intro to the WordPress “Sidebar” & “Widget Areas”
WordPress Media!
  • Embedding Videos on WordPress
  • Adding Images to WordPress Sidebar (and Widget Areas)
Tracking Our Websites Analytics with Google!
  • Integrating Google Analytics on WordPress
Special Bonus / Thank-You!
  • Creating A Simple Logo Online for Free
  • Thank-You / Bonus!