Introduction To The Course
  • Introduction To The Software We Use
  • Install Ultimatum
  • Install Plugins
  • Install WooCommerce and Connect
Start Creating The Website
  • Define the Sidebars
  • Define the Menu
  • Setup Permalinks
  • Create the Shop Template
  • Create the Header and Footer
  • Create the Shop Layouts
  • Full and Partial Layouts
  • Create Blog and Static Page Layouts
  • Adding Sidebars
  • Tidy Up The Menu
  • Woocommerce Settings
  • Add Some Products
  • Enhance the Sidebars
  • Add a Contact Us Page
Post Shop Creation
  • Start to Tweak the Website
  • Start working with CSS
  • How to change CSS for All the Website
  • Some SEO Ideas
Beyond The Hour
  • What's Next
WooCommerce Configuration
  • WooCommerce - Whats Next
  • WooCommerce Coupons
  • WooCommerce Payments
  • WooCommerce Shipping
  • Terms and Conditions Page
  • Custom Paypal Pages
  • WooCommerce Stock Management
  • WooCommerce Reports
Some Best Practices For Your Shop
  • Social Media Sharing Of Your Products
  • Thank You For Watching