Before we start
  • About this course
  • Download full project
  • Planning your work
  • Organize folders and start using Dreamweaver
Starting with Dreamweaver
  • Understanding the code on Dreamweaver and starting to build our first page.
  • Prepare the browser for tests and create our stylesheet.css file.
Theme and Colors
  • Adding colors to our first page using Themes from Jquerymobile.
  • Learning how to change colors of your theme.
  • Creating the first css code.
Adding Sub-Pages
  • Start a Sub-Page of our App
  • Create a Shadow around our Menu of Options
  • Creating more Css
  • Create more Pages of our Menu of Options
  • Create Content for our Sub-Pages
  • Create more Css for each Sub-Page
  • Adding a Button with Phone Number for each Sub-Page
  • Adding Pictures
  • Creating the Location Page
Starting with Xcode
  • Jump to Xcode
  • Making Adjustments on our App
  • Fixing Problems
  • Adjusting the App for iPhone 4 and 5
Creating Icons and Scheenshots
  • Preparing the Icons for our App
  • Preparing the Lauch Images
  • Preparing Screen Shots and a Large Icon
  • Explaining Common Mistakes Before Sending to the App Store
Sending to App Store
  • Starting the Process of Sending to the App Store
  • Send to App Store
  • Final Conclusion