Course Overview
  • Introduction
  • Demo: Player Score DashBoard
What is real-time application ?
  • Typical request and response on http
  • What is real-time application
Network architecture and needed components for real-time app
  • Network Architecture
  • Basics of WordPress action hooks
  • Basics of and sever
  • Basics of Client
  • Basics of ZeroMQ
WordPress Setup for Score Dashboard Sample Application
  • WordPress child theme,post, page creation
  • Understand WordPress template hierarchy and create template for single page
  • Create WordPress application for Player Score
  • Create WordPress Plugin to send updated post data setup for Score Dashboard Sample Application
  • NodeJs installation
  • and dependent module installation
  • Creating server
  • Creating client
  • WordPress enqueing javascript and activating plugin
ZMQ Installation
  • ZMQ core library and PHP binding installation on windows
  • ZMQ core library and PHP binding installation in linux
Testing components of ScoreDashboard Sample Application
  • Testing ZMQ socket connection
  • Testing connection
  • Update client and testing complete application
  • How to run nodejs server as background service forever
Game Score Dashboard Source code
  • source code