Introduction To The Course
  • Introduction To The Course
What Is Wordpress
  • Difference Between &
  • What Is Wordpress
  • What Wordpress Can Do
Types of Servers
  • Types of Servers
Setup Your Server
  • Download Your Server
  • Install Your Server
  • Create Your Database
  • Configure Your Website
Wordpress Dashboard Overview
  • Dashboard Overview
Installing Theme/Plugins
  • Installing Theme
  • Installing Plugin
Create Pages
  • Creating Pages
Create Menu
  • Creating Menu
Building Home Page
  • Make Home page a default page
  • Building Home Page
  • Adding Animation
Building About Us Page
  • Building About Us Page
  • Adding Animation
Building Services Page
  • Building Services Page
  • Adding Animation
Building Contact Us Page
  • Building Contact Us Page
  • Adding Animation
Installing Pre Loader
  • Adding Pre Loader
Secure Your Content
  • Secure Your Content
  • Final Summary