Course Introduction and Installation of Text editors and Plugins
  • Introduction
  • Text editors
  • Sublime Text plugins
  • Sublime Text Sidebar and projects.
Basics Of HTML5
  • The HTML UL Tag
  • HTML and stylesheet
Basics Of CSS3
  • CSS selectors
  • Css basics
  • CSS and Anchor style.
  • Text and Box shadow
  • CSS Positioning
  • Creating a custom font using css.
  • Reset CSS
Let the Glass Footer Begin
  • File setup for the glass footer project
  • Coding the HTML section of the glass footer.
  • Identifying the coded HTML uniquely using ids and classes.
  • Adding the helper classes.
  • Styling the footer element.
  • Styling the footer menu tab and the other tabs on the page
  • Styling the other tabs
  • Animating the notifications icon.
  • Styling the logout tab.
  • Fixing the bugs
Bonus Lecture
  • Bonus Lecture