• An Introduction to the Course
Assembling Materials
  • Materials for 2-Pi Cluster
  • An Overview of the Materials to Build a 2-Pi Cluster
  • Mac OS X - Downloading the NOOBS Package
  • Mac OS X - Download and Run SD Formatter 4.0 to Format New SD Cards
  • Windows - Download and Run SD Formatter to Format SD Cards
  • Mac OS X - Install NOOBS to the Newly Formatted SD Card
  • Windows - Download and Install NOOBS to SD Card
Getting Started with the Master Raspberry Pi Node
  • Plugging in a Raspberry Pi for the First Time
  • Installing Raspbian with NOOBS
  • First Boot after Raspbian OS Installation
  • Raspi-Config - Raspberry Pi Starting Configuration
  • Mac OS X - Using the Terminal to SSH into your Raspberry Pi
  • Windows - SSH Into Your Raspberry Pi with Putty Terminal
  • Updating & Upgrading Raspbian, and Installing the Necessary Packages
  • Linux Command Sheet 1
Running a Multithreaded Program Using OpenMPI
  • C Program: Call Processes
  • C Program: Calculate Pi
  • First OpenMPI Test - Call Process Names
  • Second OpenMPI Test - Calculate the value of Pi
  • Linux Command Sheet 2
Adding the Second Raspberry Pi to the Cluster
  • Plugging in the Second Raspberry Pi to the Cluster
  • Setting up the Configuration on the Second Pi (raspi-config)
  • Setting Up and Testing the Packages on the Second Pi
Setting Up the Network
  • Setting Static IP Address on Raspberry Pi
  • Setting Static IP Addresses with a Router
  • SSH Between Raspberry Pi Nodes
  • Set Up Hostnames
  • Linux Command Sheet 3
Creating the Common User for All Nodes
  • Creating a Common User for All Nodes
  • Generating SSH Keys for the Common User
  • Linux Command Sheet 4
Running a Multithreaded Program on Both Raspberry Pis
  • Creating and Mounting Drives
  • Running a Multithreaded Program Across Multiple Pis
  • Automatically Mounting Drives on Boot-Up
  • Linux Command Sheet 5
Creating Our "Octo-Pi": Building an Eight Pi Super Computer
  • Materials for 8-Pi Cluster
  • An Overview of the 8-Pi Cluster Materials
  • Set Up Hosts for All Nodes
  • Backup Raspberry Pi SD Card Image to Computer - Mac
Spooling Up a New Computing Node
  • Create New Nodes: Write Raspberry Pi Image to New SD Card
  • Create New Nodes: Update Hostname
  • Setting Static IP Address on Additional Raspberry Pi Nodes
  • Linux Command Sheet 6
Constructing the Complete Raspberry Pi Cluster
  • Overview of the Raspberry Pi Cluster Setup
  • Testing Each Raspberry Pi in the Cluster
Connecting the Raspberry Pis to a Network Switch
  • Before Installing the Switch
  • Plugging in the Switch for Installation
  • Plugging in Raspberry Pis to the Switch
Running the Complete Raspberry Pi Supercomputer
  • Full Raspberry Pi Cluster Review
  • Run OpenMPI Calculation for Pi on Full Cluster