• Introduction
Cloud, AWS and Web Server
  • Cloud Introduction
  • AWS Signup
  • What are Web Servers?
  • Web Server Basics
Launching Instance and Connecting to it
  • EC2 Walkthrough
  • Launch your first EC2 instance
  • Putty Introduction
  • Windows - Connect to your instance using Putty
  • Linux - Connect to your instance using Putty
  • EC2 and Putty Quiz
Apache WebServer - Installation and Configuration
  • Yum Package Manager
  • Configure your webserver
  • Configuration file
Using our webserver and checking its workings
  • Launching Windows Server (client)
  • Checking WebServer from the client
  • Configuring Multiple Websites on the webserver
  • Configuring Virtual Hosts on the Web Server
  • Uploading your Resume on the Cloud
Route 53 with EC2
  • Domain Mapping in Route 53
  • Mapping Route 53 to EC2
Connecting Route 53 with EC2
  • Introduction to DNS and Domain Name
  • Copying files from your PC to the webserver
  • Configuring Two Websites with Real Domain
  • Final Testing
  • Some more information on DNS records