Introduction to Building a Prosperity Mentality: For Aspiring Change-Makers!
  • Warm greetings and overview of the course
  • Introduction: Prosperity is within me
I am aware of my creative power
  • Lesson one: I was born to create
  • Lesson Two: My desire to create, changes my direction in life
  • Lesson Three: My Human Will is a key to unlocking prosperity
  • Reflection Exercise: Re-visiting my childhood dreams
I am aware of my suffering
  • Lesson Seven: Turning my ashes into diamonds
  • Lesson Five: I am connected to other human beings through my pain
  • Lesson Six: My desire to heal another’s suffering brings me prosperity
  • Reflection Exercise: How can I be the solution?
I am aware of my vision
  • Lesson Seven: Why do I need a vision?
  • Lesson Eight: Who needs to be aware of my vision?
  • Activity: Creating my vision statement
I am aware of my communication style
  • Lesson Nine: Everyone has a dream but not everyone knows how to express it
  • Lesson Ten: Four ways to communicate my thoughts with others
  • Lesson Eleven: How do I make expressing my vision a lifestyle?
  • Activity: How do I express my vision to the four communication types?
I am aware of my value
  • Lesson Twelve: Value lies within me
  • Lesson Thirteen: Value is not about becoming rich
  • Lesson Fourteen: What are my intentions?
Summary of course: Building a Prosperity Mentality: For Aspiring Change-Makers!
  • What will my legacy be?
  • A message of gratitude