Introduction to Building a Women’s Circle.
  • Introduction to Building a Women’s Circle.
  • What is a Women's Circle?
Building a Women's Circle.
  • Why would you build a women’s circle?
  • How do we begin?
  • Choosing the space.
  • Choosing the Time
Holding a Women's Circle.
  • The FIRST circle
  • How do we circle?
  • Creating the agreements of the circle.
  • Further on Conflict Resolution
Deepening A Women's Circle.
  • Creating a Creed.
  • Co-creating Artefacts and Altars
  • Co-creating Practices and Rituals.
  • Co-creating art, experiences, and offerings to others.
The Life and Death of Women's Circle.
  • Understanding what strengthens and what weakens a circle.
  • Spotting the cracks in the vessel that is a circle.
  • Letting go.
Supporting a Women's Circle.
  • Each of the women that have shared their experience:
  • Women’s circle Org’s.
  • Resources for your Women's Circle.
  • Last session, invitation to continue.