Creating in Buncee
  • Overview: Creating in Buncee
  • Video Lecture: Live demonstration of creating a Buncee
Creating a Buncee with Templates and Ideas Lab
  • Overview: Ideas Lab & Templates Library
  • Video Lecture: Using Templates and Ideas Lab
  • Creating & Sharing Templates to Students
Sharing & Publishing
  • Overview: All the Ways to Publish and Share a Buncee
  • Video Lecture: How to Share a Buncee
  • Sharing a Link or Embedding Code on a Site
  • Emailing Buncees
  • Sharing Buncees as RSVPs
  • Sharing Buncees to Students and Teachers
  • Sharing to Social Media
  • Sharing by QR Code
  • Downloading Buncees for Offline Use
  • Sharing Buncees to Google Classroom
  • Live-embedding Buncees into OneNote
  • 4 Ways to Appsmash Buncee and Microsoft Teams
Buncee Boards
  • Building Engagement with Buncee Boards
  • Video: Building Engagement with Buncee Boards
  • Sharing & Publishing Buncee Boards
  • Use Cases: Buncee Boards
Buncee Classes
  • Navigating the Classroom Dashboard
  • Creating, Sending and Completing Assignments
  • Video: Navigating the Classroom Dashboard
  • Video: Logging in as a Student
Buncee Badges
  • Earning & Sharing Badges
Immersive Reader
  • What is Immersive Reader?
  • Video: What is Immersive Reader?