Business Analysis Basics
  • Role of the Business Analyst
  • How Business Analyst Function in Agile Scrum
  • The Business Analyst Career Path
  • Levels of Business Analyst
  • How To Get The Most Out Of This Course and Have Fun Doing It
Business Analysis Effective Interaction Techniques
  • Effective Verbal Communication Part 1: The Easy Way to Establish Rapport
  • Effective Verbal Communication Part 2: Building Trust Quickly
  • How to Facilitate Meetings that ALWAYS Product Results
  • Communication & Facilitation Quiz
Business Analysis Deliverable & Work Product Enhancing Techniques
  • Dramatically Improve Your Written Communications Skills
  • Skills Practice: Written Communication vs The Declaration
  • Improve Your Ability to Quickly Learn and Understand New Domains
  • Skill Practice: Effective Learning Drill
  • How To Become A More Creative Thinker and Stronger Problem Solver
  • Skill Practice: Creative Thinking
  • Skill Practice: Specialized Software Skills
Agile Business Analysis
  • Business Analysis Deliverables - Agile vs Waterfall
  • Writing Effective User Stories - Strong Business Value
  • Writing Effective User Stories - Acceptance Criteria
  • Writing Effective User Stories: Ideas on Execution