Intro to workflow automation
  • Welcome to the course!
  • Advantages of workflow automation
  • Key factors to consider behind costs of software development
  • Average price for implementing new software
  • Cutting costs with business automation
  • Challenges when integrating data
A solution to pain points
  • Manual processes: human error and lost time
  • Ensure that only authorized parties are inputting data
  • Reducing human-based inaccuracies with automation
  • Disorganization and inefficient processes within an organization
Getting started with airSlate
  • airSlate in a nutshell
  • How to get started with airSlate?
Automation in action
  • Common use cases for solving recurring challenges
  • Use case #1. Employee onboarding
  • Use case #2. Purchase request
  • Use case #3. Leave approval process
  • Complicated use case: CPQ and multi-approvals
  • Benefits of automated workflows for your business
Become an airSlate champion
  • Start your workflow setup with a free trial
  • Examples of digital process automation
  • Cost-savings and work efficiency
  • Estimate your company’s ROI
  • Training: is it necessary for your team?
Why to build business automation with airSlate
  • Reasons to deploy automation with airSlate
  • Final words