• Course Intro
  • Join Facebook Group
Download And Install Visual Studio & Unity3D
  • Get Visual Studio
  • Download Visual Studio
  • Install Visual Studio
  • Download And Install Unity 3D
  • HookUP Visual Studio As The Editor
Lets Get Started
  • Hello World
  • Find Some Fonts
  • Find Some Book Sounds
Start Flipbook
  • Create Images
  • Create New Project
  • Create Classes
The Closed Book Game Object
  • Create Book Cover Asset
  • Rotate Book Cover
  • Create Inside Back Cover
The Opened Book Game Object
  • Create Open Book Asset
  • From Closed To Opened Book
  • Create Flip Page Object
  • Hook Up The Close Book Button
  • Hook Up The Next & Prev Page Buttons
Add Text To Pages
  • Get Random Text
  • Add Text To Page
  • Change Text When Page Changes
  • Add Text To FlipPage
Finishing Up
  • Create Prefab
  • Particle System
  • Course Quiz