Introduction & Installation
  • Installing Xamarin for Windows
  • Installing Xamarin for Mac
  • Setting up Xamarin Studio
  • Introduction to Variables
  • Boolean Variables in iOS
  • Boolean Variables in Android
  • Integer Variables in iOS
  • Integer Variables in Android
  • Float and Double Variables in iOS
  • Float and Double Variables in Android
  • Character Variables in iOS
  • Character Variables in Android
  • String Variables in iOS
  • String Variables in Android
  • Summary of Variables
  • Introduction to Arrays in Xamarin
  • Boolean Arrays
  • Integer Arrays
  • Floats and Double Arrays
  • Character Arrays
  • String Arrays
  • Access Elements in Number Arrays in Android
  • Accessing Elements in Boolean, Character and String Arrays in iOS
  • Modifying Variables Within an Array in Android
  • Multidimensional Integer Arrays in iOS
If Statements
  • Introduction to If Statements in Xamarin
  • Basic If Statements with Booleans in iOS
  • Basic If Statements with Integers in Android
  • Test 2 Conditions with 1 If Statement in iOS
  • Test 2 Conditions Using Nested If Statements in Android
  • Test 2 If Statements with Different Outcomes in iOS
  • Else If Statements in Android
  • Else Statements in iOS
  • Finale and Recap in Android
For Loops
  • Introduction to For Loops in Xamarin
  • For Loops that Increase Count by 1 in iOS
  • Appending Strings Using For Loops in Android
  • Printing Character Arrays in iOS
  • Modifying Array Element Using For Loops in Android
  • Different Ways to Index with a For Loop in iOS
  • If Statements in For Loops in Android
  • Access Elements by Testing Rather than Changing the Index in iOS
  • For Loops in a Mario Game in Android