• Overview
C11 - Learning to Draw in Illustrator
  • Setting Up Your File, Colors, Brushes and Layers
  • Outlining the Background, Snowbank and Stars
  • Creating the Moon from Two Circles
  • Illustration Quick Check
  • Tracing the first Snowflake
  • Cloning the Snowflakes
  • Tracing the PENguin (using the PEN tool)
  • Adding Details with the Pencil/Paintbrush
  • Publishing your Outlines to a WordPress Blog (Optional)
C12 - Coloring In Illustrator
  • Saving a Copy
  • Strokes and Fills
  • Lighting and Gradients
  • Adding Effects - Glows, Shadows and More
  • Have you saved your work recently?
  • 3D - Moon
  • Features Checklist
  • Posting to WordPress (Optional)
C9 - Choice Illustration Project
  • Choice Illustration Overview
  • Setting up your file
  • C9/C13 - SubmissionInstructions (Optional)
C9B - Live Trace and Live Paint (Extra Challenge)
  • Live Trace and Live Paint (Extra Credit Challenge)
Feedback on Course
  • Course Survey