The Content
  • The Right Mindset For Successful Blogging
  • Keeping Your Blog Ideas Organized
  • Using A Blogging Calendar
  • Oprah-Style Blogging Approach
  • What Makes A Good Blog Post?
  • Post Headlines That Crush
  • 5 Rules Of Good Blog Writing
  • The Pattern Interrupt
  • The Powerful Paragraph
  • The Art Of The Call To Action
  • The Unique Selling Proposition
The Design
  • The About Page Formula
  • The Art Of Color On Your Blog
  • The Strategic Sidebar
  • The True Purpose Of Your Homepage
  • Resource Pages – The Ultimate Traffic Attractors
  • The F Pattern
  • The 3-Second Test
The Email List
  • The Single Most Important Role Of Your Blog
  • Ideal Opt-In Form Placement
  • Optimizing the List Subscription Funnel
  • How to Best Utilize Your Autoresponder
The Marketing
  • Which Social Media Buttons Do You Need
  • Keeping Your Readers Coming Back
  • Social Proof and Trust Indicators
  • Find Your Money Posts
  • Gathering Ideas From Your Audience
  • Learning What Your Audience Wants You To Make For Them
  • Developing Your Reader Avatar
  • Bonus Lecture