Introduction to Church Streaming
  • Introduction to the course
Helping Your Church Live Stream 2.0
  • The Digital Pastor & Accepting Online Donations
  • What a complete newbie should know about live streaming
  • Working with Volunteers for live streaming
  • AV Technology Basics
  • Case Study - Olivet United Methodist Church
  • Tuning your AV Gear for the Church
  • IP Based Video Production for Church Networks
Worship Summit Live
  • Church Audio Production with Dr. Barry Hill
Software & Hardware for Streaming
  • Choosing the best software for live streaming a church service
Audio Visual Basics
  • Video Cable Overview
  • Audio Cables Overview
Advice and Options
  • A Great tip for churches live streaming + A Simple Setup
  • Streaming Destinations - Free and Paid
  • Camera Mounting Options
  • How to display lyrics over your live camera feeds - Live Demonstration!
Church Specific Solutions - Overflow Areas and Confidence Monitors
  • Setting up a Confidence Monitor
  • Powering Extra Monitors in Overflow areas
  • Using the NewTek NDI to power a Confidence Monitor
  • Adding Closed Captions to your production
Virtual Sets
  • Virtual Sets
  • Church Streaming Quiz
Checkout what some other churches are up to!
  • Case Study: The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark New Jersey
  • Case Study: Keys Vineyard Church
Using Ableton for Leading Worship
  • Overview of Ableton Live for Houses of Worship
  • Getting Started with Ableton Live & Church Music Production - Adding Tracks
Extra Advice
  • Tips from fellow church streamers
  • How to bring in multiple cameras into EasyWorship, NDI Input, Outputs and more!