Welcome to Clearplan University
  • What is Clearplan?
  • Introduction
  • How to login to Clearplan and change your user settings.
  • How to get support on Clearplan.
Understanding the Clearplan Map
  • General Overview of Clearplan's Map
  • Understanding Clearplan's Icons
  • How to get quick account info on the map.
  • Use Clearplan's filters to "calm the noise" on the map.
Account Details: Checkin, Discount and Recover
  • Account Details Overview
  • Account Actions: Checkin, Discount and Recover
Clearplan Mobile Applications
  • Clearplan for iOS
  • How to use the menu options on Clearplan for Android
  • How to Checkin and Discount assignments on Clearplan for Android.
  • Moving the Icon Location
  • Thanks for finishing Clearplan University
Test Questions
  • Clearplan University Agent Test