• Introduction
  • Clickfunnels Dashboard Walkthrough
Building a Funnel to Capture Leads and Collect Email Addresses
  • Pre Funnel Preparation, Cookbook Vs Classic Builder Plus Funnel Menu Walkthrough
  • Clickfunnels Funnel Editor and Menus + Sections / Rows / Columns / Elements
  • Building the First Step of the Funnel - Find a Design and Start Adding Elements
  • Continue Building the First Step of the Funnel - Video, Button and Testimonials
  • Continue Building the First Step of the Funnel - the Capture Leads Form
  • How to Change the Funnel Body Color and Set Actions for the Buttons
  • Funnel SEO, What is it & How to Improve it for Search Engines & Social Networks
  • Make and Adjust the Funnel for Mobile Devices
  • The Funnel Popup - How to Style it and How to Trigger it
  • The Second Step of the Funnel - the Thank You Page
  • Testing the Funnel to Make Sure Everything is Working
Continue Our Relationship With the Customers Using Internet Marketing Software
  • Signup to Aweber as Our Internet Marketing Software
  • Creating Follow Up Email Sequences for Aweber Lists
  • Integrate Clickfunnels with Aweber
  • Connect Between Aweber and WordPress
Sales Funnel to Sell Products and Charge Customers With Credit Cards and PayPal
  • Register a Custom Domain Name
  • Upload an eBook and Integrate With Stripe and PayPal
  • Building the Sales Funnel to Sell a Product
  • Assign the Custom Domain Name to the Funnel
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Lecture