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About Technical School
  • CNC Machine, ISO and Macro Programming, SwanSoft Simulation
  • CMM and Technical drawing reading and ISO standards
  • Mastercam CAD CAM and CNC Programming Professional
  • FREE Mastercam CAD CAM and CNC Programming Fundamental
  • SolidCam CAD CAM and CNC Programming Professional
  • FREE SolidCam CAD CAM and CNC Programming Fundamental
Fundamental of cutting parameters
  • Cutting direction with Mastercam
  • Cutting parameters
  • CNC Fundamentals of cutting, cutting speed, feedrate and tool wear calculation
  • Absolute and incremental system G90 & G91
  • Working coordinate system G54 G55
  • Tool length offset G43
  • Introduction question
SwanSoft Simulation
  • SwanSoft Introduction
  • Swansoft First Programme
  • CNC Programming Pocket Milling
  • Face Toolpath with Swansoft
  • SwanSoft
Get G Code by using MasterCam
  • Line G1 linear interpolation
  • Circular interpolation G02 G03
  • Contour Toolpath Rectangle with radius
  • G81 > Standard Drilling
  • G83 > Peck drilling cycle
  • G84 > Rigid tapping cycle
  • CNC Programming Circle Cutting Cycle G12 and G13
  • G Code
  • CNC Lathe Programming G94 Face Cycle
  • Cutting parameters in Turning
CNC Macro Programme
  • Circle Pattern Drilling Operation
  • Macro Progrmming
Mastercam Milling
  • Milling Face Pocket and Contour Toolpath
  • Surface Finish Blend Toolpath Blend Curve
Mastercam Lathe
  • Mastercam Lathe Rough with Solid Model
  • Lathe Face Rough Finish and C Axis Toolpath
Feature Web Cam
  • Slot Center Milling
  • Slot Center Milling SwanSoft