• Introduction
Getting Started
  • Signing up to Boozang
  • Overview of the Boozang tool
  • Recording your first test - Add to cart
  • Improving the test path - Add to cart
  • Making your first validation - Validate cart contents
  • Bringing it together - Simple test suite
Why do Test automation
  • Why do test automation
Doing data-driven testing
  • Add item to cart - data-driven
  • Validate item in cart using data
  • Updating the test suite to be data-driven
  • Test setup - Implementing Clear Cart
  • Loop over data
Using BDD/Cucumber to link requirements to tests
  • Cucumber introduction
  • Import the feature files from GitHub
  • Validating cart contents
  • Validation of cart contents - data-driven
  • Checking price data
The Checkout
  • Doing the check out using static data
  • Checkout using dynamic data
  • Checkout using data-bind to fill form
  • Using regular expressions to generate data
Implementing Cucumber Checkout feature
  • Cucumber Checkout case
  • Implementing scenario - Approve order