• Welcome to Coding For Entrepreneurs Basic
System Setup
  • Setup your computer
  • System Setup Links
Introduction to Python Basics
  • Introduction to Python
Your First Project: Try Django 1.6
  • New Django Project in Virtualenv
  • Setup Django Project in Text Editor Komodo
  • Start First Django App (Application)
  • Setup the Model and add Django Admin
  • Django Views for the Sign Up Model
  • Django Models & Model Form
  • Serve Django Static Files in Local
  • Add Twitter Bootstrap Version 3
  • Add Custom Styles & CSS To Twitter Bootstrap
  • Learn to Customize Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Django Messages & Messaging
  • Django HTTP Redirect and Standard Pages
  • Add & Update Twitter Bootstrap Navbar
  • Add Basic Paypal Button to Django Project
  • Django Update Thank You Page and View
  • Django Emailing - Send Confirmation Email
  • Django 1.6 for Webfaction -- Setup Webfaction
  • Create MySQL Database for Django on WebFaction
  • Django Serve Static on a Production Server & Add Custom Django App Signups
  • Django Embed and Add Facebook Like
  • Summary
Next Steps
  • Thank you and Next Steps
  • Student Only Deals