• Introduction
  • Outline
Preparing to Leave for School
  • Preparing to Leave Home
  • Clean House
Dorm Living
  • What to bring with you
  • What NOT to bring with you
  • When you First Arrive
  • After the New Wears Off
Studying and Class Survival
  • What Type of Learner are you?
  • Where to Study
  • To Study WITH or WITHOUT others?...that is the question
  • Best Approach to Lab Courses
Time Management for the College Student
  • Organize your Time
  • Use Time Wisely
  • Protect your Time
Organization for the College Student
  • Organizing your Work Area
  • Organizing your Computer
  • Organize your Assignments
Efficient Class Planning for Next Semester
  • Block Classes Together
  • Athletes and Those Needing Structure
  • Efficient Electives Planning
Having Fun!
  • Take a Break!
  • Unplanned Breaks
Working and School (On and Off Campus Jobs)
  • Assess your Financials
  • How Much Money do you Need?
  • On Campus Jobs
  • Off Campus Jobs
Conclusion and Words of Wisdom
  • Professors
  • Treat School like a Job
  • Constant Drama is Bad
  • Best Wishes