And Now Yoga!
  • Why Should You Do Yoga?
Sankhya Philosophy - How Creation Happened
  • Introduction to Sankhya Philosophy - Study of Metaphysics
  • 24 Elements Of Creation
8 Limbs Of Yoga
  • Yama (Abstinences) - The Five Great Vows
  • Nyama (Observances) - The Do's of Right Conduct
  • Asana (Physical Postures) - Energize and Revitalize Your Body
  • Pranayama (Vital Life Force Expansion and Control) - Transcendental Breathwork
  • Pratyahara (Sublimating The Senses) - Mastery Over The Senses
  • Dharana (Concentration) - Develop Unwavering Focus
  • Organization Of The Bodily Kingdom - Dwelling Place Of The Soul (incl. Chakras).
  • Dhyana (Meditation) - Enter The Limitless Realm Of The Real
  • Samadhi (Absorption In Meditation, Self-Realization) - Become One With All
Yogic Dietary Guidelines
  • Yogic Diet Guidelines
Current State of Mental Wellness Globally
  • Current State of Mental Wellness Globally
Final Words
  • Bonus Lecture