Resume writing basics
  • Course introduction
  • What is resume
  • Different types of resume
Tools for writing Resume
  • Need of tools for writing resume
  • Different available tools for writing resume
  • Using Google Docs to create resume
Formatting the resume
  • Why is resume content important
  • Best format while creating resume
  • Specifying area for each section
  • Basic Resume Template
Defining different components of the resume
  • Entering personal information
  • Entering Professional Summary
  • Summarizing your skills
  • Work History
  • Education
Finalizing your resume
  • Length of Resume
  • Checking Resume Guidelines Part 1
  • Checking Resume Guidelines Part 2
Increasing visibility of your resume
  • What is SEO, and how it helps your resume
  • Using Proper Keywords
  • Fresher Sample Resume
  • 3 years manual selenium tester
  • 4 years manual selenium appium tester
  • 7 years testing lead
Increasing the chances of your resume getting selected
  • Uploading it on right places
  • Making the best out of recommendations
  • Sending Resume over mail
  • Do’s and don’t while taking your resume for job interviews
  • Updating your resume