• Introduction
Computer Vision Overview
  • What is Computer Vision?
  • What is Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
Tools for creating datasets and training models
  • Tools for Creating Images Dataset and Images Labeling
  • Tools for Training Computer Vision Neural Networks
  • MakeML overview and initial setup
Image Datasets
  • Creating Object Detection Dataset
  • Object Detection Dataset Formats
  • Creating Semantic Segmentation Dataset
  • Where to find Datasets: Dataset Store
  • Images Dataset Augmentation
Training Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation Models
  • Optimizing Model Training Hyperparameters
Project #1: Dribble App
  • Dribble App Dataset Preparation
  • Dribble App Model Training and Running on Mobile
  • Dribble App iOS implementation
Project #2: Potato Computer Vision Scales
  • Potato Scales Dataset Preparation
  • Potato Scales Model Training and Results of Training
  • Potato Scales iOS App integration