Core Learning: Overview
  • Community QuickTour
  • Connect Manager Fundamentals
Core Learning: Configuration
  • Basic Settings and Visual Theme
  • Organizing your Users with Teams
  • Providing Documents and Resources via Content
  • Defining the Log-In Experience with Notices
Core Learning: Profiling Resources
  • Profiling for Demographics (User Profiles)
  • Profiling for Peripherals (Test Platforms)
Core Learning: Users and Launch
  • Directing New Users
  • Adding Users and Testing the Community
  • Community Launch!
Stage 1 Completion Check List
  • Community Launch Check List
Maintenance and Management
  • Encouraging Participation
  • Supporting Your Users
  • Preventing Data Decay
  • Notifying Community Users
  • Accessing Your Data with User Management
  • Analyzing Your Data in Reporting
Advanced: Additional Settings
  • Setting Account Defaults
  • Email Communication
  • Gathering Additional User Responses
  • Customizing Text via String Sets
  • Scoring and Ranking
  • Providing External/Public Resources
Advanced: Preparing Project Templates
  • Preparing Managers for Success (Project Templates)
  • Supporting Your Users
  • Keeping Best Practices Alive