Connect I/O Lessons
  • Basic Arithmetic Functions- ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV
  • Making Arithmetic Expressions
  • Understanding Primary Gate Functions - OR, AND & NOT
  • Set & Reset Functions- SR & RS
  • Comparison Commands
  • Download CONNECT I/O for FREE
  • Updates in Industrial Internet of Things
Timers & Counters Functions
  • How to make Boolean Expressions - NOR & NAND
  • Timers - TON (On-Delay) & TOFF (Off Delay)
  • Counters- CTU, CTD & CTUD
Special In-built Functions
  • Encoding (Bit to Byte) & Decoding (Byte to Bit) Instruction
  • Triggers- Rising Edge & Falling Edge
  • Assign Function
How to Link Connect I/O with Hardware?
  • DAQ Interface with Connect IO & PLC
Connect I/O Manuals
  • Connect I/O Introduction Manual
  • Connect I/O Detailed User Guide
Connect I/O meets Home I/O
  • Introduction to Home I/O- Bringing Home Automation
  • HOME I/O - Latch and Unlatch of Door
  • HOME I/O- Latch and Unlatch of Door with Time Delay
  • FACTORY I/O Lesson- Basic Conveyor ON/OFF
  • FACTORY I/O Lesson - Changing the direction of Conveyor
  • Get Simulation Software and test your skills
  • How to save the course via Mobile application?
  • How to download Udemy Certificate?
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