Introduction and Overview
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to the Instructor
  • How to Understand the COVID-19 Crisis in Your Life
  • Understand Why You're Feeling Stress, Anxiety and Helplessness in this Crisis
Managing Negative Thoughts and Transforming them to Optimism
  • Understanding your Thoughts and Beliefs
  • How to Deal with the COVID-19 Crisis Logically and Rationally
  • What is your 'Core Story' about the crisis?
  • Sources of Bad Beliefs & Thoguhts
Dealing with Emotions of Stress, Worry and Anxiety
  • 3 Myths About Emotions that need to be Changed.
  • Understanding Core Emotions During Crisis
  • Changing Your Emotions – Breaking Your State of Anxiety, Fear, Worry and Sadness
Avoid Helplessness and Take Action Towards a Positive Future
  • The Power of Focus and Creating Action
  • Tips for Dealing with Self-Isolation
Living in the Moment & Being Mindful
  • Mindfulness as an Anecdote to Crisis
  • Power Questions: The Key to Guided Reflection
  • The Story of Crisis
Conclusion & Next Steps
  • Course Conclusion and Thank You