Risk Factors For Worse Outcomes When Contracting Coronavirus
  • Who Is At Higher Risk for Worse Outcomes If They Get Coronavirus?
  • How to Know if You Are at Risk By Using the BMI Equation?
  • Additional Risk Factors for Worse Outcomes If You Get Coronavirus
  • What You Need to Know
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Nutrition and The Immune System
  • What Is Real Food?
  • Refined Carbohydrates and Better Options To Boost The Immune System
  • Sugars and The Immune System
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • What About Fat in My Diet?
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • What Kinds of Protein Should I Focus On?
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The "Healthy" Foods That Are Killing You
  • Nightshades, Lectins, and Food Sensitivities
How Many Calories Should I Eat?
  • The ACCURATE way to calculate caloric needs part 1
  • The ACCURATE way to calculate caloric needs part 2
  • Calculate your daily calorie goal to reach your fitness goals
  • Track Global Cases of COVID-19
  • BONUS Lecture