Infographic Basics
  • Welcome to the course!
  • A Brief History of Infographics
  • Why is visual communication important?
Using to Design and Share Your Infographic
  • Getting Started With
  • How to Find Infographic Templates in Easelly
  • How to Customize Infographic Templates in Easelly
  • How to Find and Use Photos in Easelly
  • How to Create a Pictogram (or Pictograph) with Easelly
Building an Infographic
  • 7 Common Types of Infographics
  • How to Come Up with a Winning Idea for an Infographic
  • Gathering Your Information, Data and Sources
  • Creating a Rough Draft for Your Infographic
  • Checking Your Infographic Quality and Getting It Seen!
  • Tips for Customization
  • Adding Charts or Graphs