Welcome to The Course!
  • Introduction
Choose Your Brand Personality to Increase its Recognition
  • How Do You Want Others to Perceive Your Brand?
  • 5 Main Principles of Effective Logo Design
  • 5 Types of Logo Design
  • The Psychology of Logo Shapes
Create Professionally Looking Color Schemes
  • Why is Your Logo Color Important?
  • Which Colors Would Look Good Together?
  • How To Choose Your Brand Colors?
  • 7 Tips That Will Help you Choosing the Right Colors for Your Brand
Combine Fonts Like a Pro
  • Understand Fonts
  • 3 Principles of Perfectly Paired Fonts
  • 7 Typographic Contrasts
  • Use Thousands of Free Fonts to Create More Creative Designs
Practice - Create Your Logo in PowerPoint 2010
  • Create Your Logo Using PowerPoint Standard Shapes
  • Create Your Logo by Changing Forms of PowerPoint Standard Shapes
  • Create Your Logo by Creating New Shapes in PowerPoint
  • Keyboard Shortcuts in PowerPoint
  • Combine Shapes Explained
  • Make Your Logo Offline/Online Ready
Test Your Logo
  • The Principles of Testing Your Logo
  • Test Your Logo in Black and White
  • Invert Your Logo
Other Cheap Tools For Creating Your Logo
  • Create Your Logo from Templates
  • Use Free Logo Design
  • List of 25 Online Logo Maker Tools - Create Text Based or Icon Based Logo
Get Free Images Legally
  • 60+ Resources - Get Free Images Legally for Free
  • Find Any Image You Need on Google
Archived Lectures - Create Your Logo in PicMonkey
  • Create Your Logo With Picmonkey
  • Create a Logo from Scratch in PicMonkey - 2 More Examples
  • Test Your Logo in Grayscale
  • Test Your Logo with Colors
  • Don't forget to write down your brand color codes and font names!
  • Create Your Logo Style Guide
  • Resources
  • Conclusion