Introduction + why you should create video montages
  • What is the software we will work with?
  • Here are 10 examples of how you can use video montages for your own needs
Downloading the program
  • Where to download
  • Ways to get coupons and sales once buying the full version
  • Overview of the 3 main sections of the program
Strat working on your movie montage! Importing your content
  • Adding your photos and videos
  • Arranging your content
  • Add some magic to your content!
Styles - this is where it gets interesting!
  • About styles - the default ones and where to get more styles
  • Playing with styles - fit the montage to your needs using the style's settings
Adding your personal touch - personalizing your video montage -
  • How to show your content and how to treat the background sound
  • Title your video
  • Add creadits at the end of the video
  • Add a logo (watermark) and a call for action line
  • Add a voice over - and explain to your viewers what they see!
  • Previewing your movie - we're almost done!
Ready to show your movie to the world?
  • Saving your movie - what are the options?
  • This lecture wraps up the course - watch me create a full montage from A to z!