Course Introduction & Agenda
  • Update Intro
  • Personal Introduction
  • Agenda and Introduction to POD (Print on Demand)
  • Sign up for Canva
Designing Shirts with Canva!
  • Get started with Canva
  • Getting started with Text and Fonts on Canva
  • Uploading Fonts to Canva
  • Images with Canva and other sources
  • Exporting and Resizing file for Merch by Amazon
  • Upload finished "I Love My Dog" design in 4500 x 5400
Getting Started with Merch by Amazon
  • Basics of Merch by Amazon
  • Uploading to Merch by Amazon
  • Colors on Merch by Amazon
  • Pricing on Merch by Amazon
  • Keywords
Research ideas and Other POD's
  • Research T Shirt ideas
  • Types of Shirts to Sell
  • Other POD Websites
  • Go start your merch buiness!