Welcome - Course Objectives
  • Introduction
What Not to Do
  • Change Your Default if You're Not Creating a New Greeting
  • Have Background Noise
  • Talking to People While Leaving a Greeting
  • Leave Your Greeting Incomplete
Learn the Basics to Creating a Good Voicemail Greeting
  • Create a Script
  • Talk Slowly - Pace Yourself
  • Enunciate Your Words
Keeping Your Listeners Interested
  • It is Important to Keep Your Listeners Interested
  • Monotone vs. Dynamic
  • Enthusiasm
  • This Day in History
  • Group Voicemail Greetings
  • Change Your Speed...
Add Tidbits of Value
  • What Are Tidbits of Value
  • Thank You For Calling
  • Your Call is Very Important to Me
  • Today's Date is...
  • I Will Be in the Office...
  • I Will Return Your Call in..
Ask your Listener to Leave (or Not Leave) You Information
  • Ask Your Listeners to Take Action
  • Leave Your Phone Number
  • Even if You Think I Already Have it
  • Leave Me Your Name
  • Leave Me a Brief Message
  • Do Not Leave Me Your Financials
Give Your Listener More Information
  • My Other Phone Number is...
  • The Address of Our Building is...
  • If This is an Emergency...
Weed Out Those Not Interested
  • To Weed or Not to Weed?
  • State Your Business Name
  • State Your Title
  • State Your Type of Business
  • Press Zero for the Operator
  • Slow it Down!
You're Done!
  • Thank You!