Prep your Gears and Get Ready
  • Relish what you'll Learn
  • Download FREE Page Templates, Raw Scripts and Software
  • Download FREE Vector Icons and Pictures
Structure Sales Page's Composition
  • Understand Kompozer Software and Set up Font Styles
  • Set up "Tables" for Content Arrangement
  • Compose Sales Page "1st Part" - Product Headline
  • Compose Sales Page "2nd Part" - Problem and Solution
  • Compose Sales Page "3rd Part" - Benefits from the Product
  • Compose Sales Page "4th Part" - What Does the Product Offers & Why
  • Compose Sales Page "5th Part" - Instant Action Bonus Offer
  • Compose Sales Page "6th Part" - Summary Offer
  • Compose Sales Page "7th Part" - Questions & Answers
Furnish Sales Page with Codes and Scripts
  • Set up Metadata, Description, Keywords Search and Favicon
  • Integrate CSS and HTML for Button
  • Integrate CSS and HTML for Horizontal Line
  • Integrate Advanced YouTube Embedded Code
  • Integrate Anchor Tags and Outbound Link Direction
  • Integrate Simple Javascript Redirection Link
Finalise with "Magic Touches" on Sales Page and Publish them
  • Integrate Animated Background Picture and Fine Tune the Sales Page
  • Upload and Publish Sales Page into the Internet and Re-test
Bonus Boosters and Amplifiers
  • Download and Use Animated Vector Icons to Boost Conversion
  • DIY Marketing Course Launched Offer
  • Joint Venture [JV] Page Template Download
Import My Webpage Templates!
  • Import Amazing Webpage and Squeeze Page
  • Import Sales Page Template for Free and Learn how to Edit
  • Create Sign Up & Popup Form
Question & Answer (Video ) Section
  • Q: Kompozer integrate into WordPress?
Create Interactive and Responsive Squeeze Page from Scratch
  • [Part 1] - Columns, Background Image, Overlay, Shape Divider
  • [Part 2] - "Copy & Paste", Entrance & Hover Animation on Border & Colour
  • [Part 3] - Background and Overlay's Hover Animation, Tablet & Mobile Responsive
Download Free Sales Page with Elementor WordPress
  • [Part 4] - Free Sales Page and How to Import it
  • [Part 5] - Fine Tune & Re-Design Sales Page Template