• Introduction
Planning your eLearning Course Content
  • Setting Learning Objectives
  • Creating a Session Plan
Developing eLearning Content
  • Using Camera to create awesome videos
  • Using Lumen5 to automatically create videos from a script
  • Using MS PowerPoint to directly create videos
  • Using Camtasia to do Screen Recordings and Video Editing
  • Creating Videos through eLecta
Creating Assessment Content
  • Creating quick assessments using Google Forms
  • Creating engaging puzzles and quizzes with ProProfs
  • Conducting Surveys(Zoho)
Modes of Delivering eContent and Best Practices
  • Online - Synchronous
  • On Mobile - Asynchronous
  • Using Format Factory for compressing videos
  • Best Practices for eContent Creation
  • Taking periodic feedback
  • Keeping track of student assignments
  • Encouraging Peer Learning
  • Boosting Learner engagement through Google Classroom