• An introduction to the course
  • Installing the free development tools
  • A demonstration of the game we're creating
Create a game and add a player with controls
  • Create the main scene and add a player
  • Controlling the player and adding animation
  • Prevent the player leaving the screen
Creating obstacles and enemies
  • Creating an obstacle to avoid
  • Making obstacles move on their own
  • Making the obstacles spin
  • Solution - position asteroids at a random location
  • Understanding collision sensors
  • Quickly creating additional enemy types
  • Temporarily disabling enemies during development
Create objects on-the-fly
  • Creating a laser for the player to fire
  • Controlling the movement of lasers
Understanding keyboard controls
  • Understanding keyboard controls
Implementing collision detection
  • Managing collisions between lasers and enemies
  • Solution - Collisions between player and enemies
  • Modifying collision shapes for accurate detection
  • Challenge - Create accurate collision shapes for the player
  • Solution - suggested collision shapes for player
  • Setting the player's collision shapes as sensors
  • Understanding debug drawing
  • Creating custom damage (HP) points for the enemy
  • The Collision Quiz
Using a custom triggered event
  • Applying damage using a custom events (triggers)
Understanding the Debug Console
  • Displaying debug messages
Visual special effects
  • Making an obstacle fade away when destroyed
Progress review
  • A review of our achievements
Background scrolling
  • Creating a scrolling background
Using Game Attributes
  • Losing a life when hit by an asteroid
Switching animations
  • Display damage on the player's ship
Bug fixing ideas
  • Hints and tips for fixing bugs
Displaying information using custom fonts
  • Displaying the player's lives on-screen
  • Importing and using custom fonts
  • Displaying the scoring information
  • Adding to the score when a laser hits an enemy
  • The font quiz
Impressive visual special effects
  • Displaying an explosion when an asteroid is destroyed
Introductory and Game Over screens
  • Creating a 'Game Over' routine
  • Adding an 'Introduction' screen to the game
Implementing sounds
  • Importing sound effects
  • Creating a sound management routine
  • Implementing the final sound effects
  • Playing a soundtrack
  • Implementing a 'mute' feature
  • The sounds quiz
Adding a 'pause' feature
  • Pause the game on a key-press
Ideas for improvements to the game
  • Challenges for improving the game
Creating a platform framework
  • Import a tileset and create the platforms
  • Import a player and set the animations and keyboard controls
  • Editing tileset collision shapes for accurate platforms
  • Add camera movement to scroll the screen
Game Development Resources
  • Free game development tools and resources
Working with Waypoints (paths_
  • Using the Waypoint behavior on Stencylforge
  • Advanced use of the Waypoint Follower behavior
  • A detailed walk-through of the code in the Waypoint Follower behavior