• Introduction
  • Course Structure
  • How to Enroll for free in the full version of this course
  • What is Sendy?
  • What is AWS SES?
Configuring AWS SES for Sendy
  • Domain Verification
  • Email Verification
  • SMTP Settings and Credentials
  • Increase sending limit (get out of AWS SES sandbox)
Sendy Setup and Installation
  • Installing Sendy
  • Database Creation
  • Downloading and Uploading Sendy Installation files
  • Database Settings Configuration in Sendy
  • Generating AWS Access Keys
  • Sendy Installation
Using Sendy
  • Creating a brand
  • Creating a list
  • Creating and Sending a Campaign
  • Campaign Reports
  • Sendy Integrations
  • Sendy API
  • Conclusion