Jumping Into Iridium
  • Running Your First Test With iridium
The Iridium Ecosystem
  • Iridium Ecosystem Overview
  • What is Java?
  • What is Java Web Start?
  • What is Gherkin?
  • What is Cucumber?
  • What is Selenium WebDriver?
  • What is Iridium?
  • The Iridium Ecosystem
Installing Prerequisites
  • Prerequisites Overview
  • Installing Java, Chrome and Atom
Getting Started With Test Writing
  • Getting Started Overview
  • What is TicketMonster?
  • New Ticket Monster URL
  • Writing and Launching a Simple Test
Identifying Elements in a Web Application
  • Identifying Elements Overview
  • What Are Developer Tools?
  • What is HTML and CSS?
  • Identifying Elements in a Web Application
  • Aliases Overview
  • Using Aliases in a Test Script
  • Using Aliases
Completing the Test
  • Completing the Test Overview
  • Completing the Test
Adding Verifications
  • Verifying Data Overview
  • What are Regular Expressions?
  • Verifying Data in a Web Application
Running Iridium From the Command Line
  • Command Line Overview
  • Running Iridium in PowerShell and Bash