• Introduction and Overview of Course
  • 1st Quiz - What are we doing in this course?
Creating your First Android App from Scratch
  • Creating AppsGeyser account
  • Creating a News App
Publishing your first Android App
  • Creating your Amazon AppStore Developer Account
  • Adding your app to the Amazon AppStore Developer Dashboard
  • Uploading APK and Binary Files to the Developer Portal
  • Uploading Images and Multimedia Files to the Developer Portal
  • Adding an Attractive Description to your App
  • Setting a Price for your App
  • Setting a Content Rating for your App
  • Submitting your App for Content Approval
  • View your App Live on the Amazon AppStore
Creating your first Android Game from Scratch
  • Introduction to Android Game Development
  • Downloading the Unity Web Player
  • Creating a new game in AppsGeyser
  • Enabling Ads in your Game
  • Publish your game to the Amazon AppStore for Android
Reminding Users of Your App
  • Enabling Push Notifications
  • Registering for MailChimp
  • NEW: Enable Amazon Associates in your app
Conclusion and Next Steps
  • Conclusion of the Course
  • Test Your Knowledge