• Introduction of the Course
  • What is CricHeroes?
Tournament Registration on the CricHeroes App
  • How to create a Cricket Tournament on the CricHeroes App?
  • How to Add Teams and Players after your Tournament is Registered?
  • How to Invite Teams to register through Tournament PIN?
  • How to Add Rounds and Groups to Automatically Generate Points Table?
  • How to Add official Scorers and Tournament Officials?
  • How to Edit or Delete your Tournament which you have created on the App?
  • Check your Knowledge
Creating and Scheduling your Tournament Matches
  • How to Schedule and Publish your Tournament Fixtures
  • How to Start a Match?
  • Check your Knowledge
Scoring Screen Introduction and Start Scoring with basics functions.
  • Scoring Screen Introduction.
  • How to Change Strike Manually?
  • How to Select the Bowling Side?
  • How to Enter 0s, 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s on the Scoring Screen?
  • How to Enter Extra Runs like Wide Ball, No Ball, Bye and Leg Bye?
  • How to UNDO the Balls and correct your mistakes?
  • How to Enter 4,5,6,7, etc runs which are Non-Boundary runs.
  • Check your Knowledge
Handling Wickets in the CricHeroes App.
  • How to enter the wicket type - Bowled and Caught Out?
  • How to enter wicket - Caught Behind, Caught & Bowled and Stumping?
  • How to enter the wicket type - Run Out?
  • How to enter wicket type - LBW and Hit Wicket?
  • How to enter the event Retired Hurt Batsman & Retired Out Batsman?
  • Explore other Out Option at your own while using the CricHeroes App.
  • Check your Knowledge
Learn when to use Quick Options Screen.
  • How to Change Wicket-Keeper, Check Full Scorecard and Set Intervals?
  • Check your Knowledge
Learn the use case of Setting Menu of the CricHeroes Scoring Screen.
  • How to enter the event when the Bowler gets Injured while Bowling?
  • How to change the playing 11(Playing Squad) after your have started the Scoring?
  • Set Power Play Overs.
  • Changing Maximum Number of Overs per innings.
  • How to use DLS Method (Duckworth–Lewis–Stern Method) in the First Innings?
  • How to End or Declare Innings Manually?
  • How to give Penalty Runs?
  • How to award Bonus Runs?
  • How to Manually End your Ongoing Live Match?
  • How to change scorer and transfer scoring access between the Live Match?
  • How to Swap a Batsman and their Batting Scores in LIVE Match?
  • How to Add Scorer Notes?
  • How to Edit the Scorecard in a LIVE Match?
  • How to handle 5 ball & 7 ball over cases on the CricHeroes App?
  • How to apply DLS(Duckworth–Lewis–Stern Method) in 2nd Ing. to set RevisedTarget?
  • How to Enter a Drop Catch Entry?
  • How to Add Match Officials during the Match?
  • How to Enter Runs Saved & Runs Missed Entry?
  • Check your Knowledge
Post Match access to Scorers.
  • How to Edit Scorecard in the Past Match?
  • How to change Player of the Match manually?
  • How to Publish Tournament Awards?
  • Check your Knowledge
  • What's Next?