Welcome To The Course: Critical Web Dev Skills & Tools for the Non-Tech Hustler
  • Course Introduction: Is this you?
  • Theme Introduction: Welcome to Be Theme
  • Course Steps: Easy as 123
  • Features: How this theme will show you how to manage an online platform yourself
Virtual Land to Build our Online Shop
  • Introduction: Lets lay out the foundations
  • Someone say FREE land and address? yup: Introduction to Free hosting and domains
  • Lets claim our free virtual land and address: Hosting & Domains: Registration
  • Lets start building: Installing Wordpress content management system
  • What if our new furniture can't fit through the door? Theme back door install
  • Unlocking our back door: FileZilla wordpress premium theme install
  • Moving In: Uploading our wordpress premium theme with FileZilla
  • Summery
Customising our Live Website
  • Care for some interior design? Installing our Demo Content
  • Lets installing our slider
  • Customising our Slider, lets make it our own
  • Theme Options. A touch of brand identity: Creating and adding our Logo
  • Theme Options: Copywrite is key. lets build our Footer
  • Footer: Widgets
  • A few key changes: The Customizer
  • Theme Options: Summery
Lets Set Up Our Pages
  • Now that's done, what's next? Lets create a page: Introduction
  • Wordpress Page Editor
  • Dividing our page into sections: Page Builder .01
  • Little Blocks of Functionality: Page Builder .02
  • Summery
  • Editing our 'About Us' section. 01
  • Editing our 'About Us' section. 02
  • Editing our 'Projects' section
  • Lets create and showcase a project
  • Now that we have a person interested, whats next? 'Contact Us' section
  • Summery
  • Congratulations. You have a live Functioning online shopfront.
  • Web resources used for this course