Introduction - Reducing Small Business Cybersecurity Risks
  • Introduction - Here is a little about me and why I am want to create training
  • Small and Medium Stats - Businesses are the target and this lecture will address
  • Information Security and Cybersecurity - Understanding/knowing the differences
  • Small and Medium / The Why - They reason for creating this specific training
  • Section One Quiz
Risk Management – Managing the cyber risk associated with your businesses data
  • Overview and your business exposure to through the various Elements of Risk
  • Risk Profile - Identifying risk; creating a register, identify threats
  • Managing and mitigating cyber risk using various tools (insurance, testing, etc)
  • Section Two Quiz
Cyber Insurance – Understanding when assessing cyber liability insurance
  • Basics of Cyber Insurance
  • Key aspects to understand around Insurance
  • Incorporate minimum security practices
  • Section Three Quiz