Introduction and basics about HTML/ CSS
  • Introduction to HTML and CSS. Set up your file.
  • Introduction to CSS and how to link CSS into HTML file
  • Basic HTML template and CSS resets
  • Write Codes for CSS reset in
Build Your Stunning Static HTML Email Template
  • Build email layout with
  • Add images, paragraphs, and buttons to email HTML
  • Add videos and footer to email HTML
  • Create permanent links for to host your images and other media for free
  • Responsive Email Design on different devices
    • Email responsiveness with @media queries
    Add Interactivity and Animation to your Email
    • Animation and hover state & Adding animation with @key frame
    Accessibility and testing
    • Email accessibility and how to find inspiration for your emails

    About the instructors

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    Rosy H Nguyen

    Front-end Dev Tutor, Seneca College. Coordinator, DesignX

    I'm a passionate full-stack product designer based in Toronto. I've been creating free content for full stack designers. If you like my works, please sponsor me on Github @rosyhnguyen

    I am also the Community Coordinator at DesignX.

    In case you have any topics you want me to write articles/make videos about it, feel free to ping me on LinkedIn. I'm open to a 1-on-1 chat on LinkedIn.

    Student feedback

    Course Rating

    Sarah G

    I enjoyed this course, I found it easy to follow and having access to the files / images & resources for practice and review was a nice bonus giving you a chance to put your own templates together.
    Shauna Curran

    Not easy to comprehend for a beginner.
    Lucia Michalíková

    This course was too fast for me as a beginner. Also, I had feeling that instructor is skipping a steps.
    Yogesh Pawar

    its is really good for beginner!!
    Sarah Rhoad

    The instructor went very fast, however it was fairly easy to follow what she was doing. It helped that she provided the code after each section for students to use if they got lost or wanted her code as a reference. She had some very helpful and informative tips on different ways to style or create an email template.
    Shaharia Khatun

    Nice course...