• Welcome
  • Preview of the final project
Getting Started
  • Tools going to be used in the project
  • Configuring the workspace
  • The Toolbox
  • Structure of the Website
  • Adding Pages
  • Renaming Object ID's
  • Naming and Saving Project
  • Page Properties
  • Page Extensions
Working with the Style Manager
  • Creating Styles
The Master Page
  • Layer Options
  • Creating the site Navigation
  • Main Master Page
  • Adding Tooltip to the Master page
  • Login Master Page
  • Account Master Page
Working on the Homepage
  • The Introduction Section Part 1
  • The Introduction Section Part 2
  • The About Section
  • The Services Section
  • The Team Section
  • the Pricing Section
  • The Portfolio Section
  • The Contact Section
  • Adding a Background Video to the homepage
Working on the Contact Form
  • Designing the contact form
  • Configuring the contact page
  • Adding success and error pages
  • Making necessary changes to the homepage
Working with CSS3 animations
  • CSS3 Animations
Working with login Tools
  • The Signup Page
  • The Signup Verification Page
  • The Login Page
  • the Login Error Page
  • The Logout Page
  • The Password Recovery Page
  • The Password Recovery Error Page
  • The Password Recovery Success Page
  • The Change Password Page
  • The Change Password Success Page
  • The Edit Profile Page
  • The Admin Page
  • The Edit Profile Denied Page
  • The Edit Profile Success Page
  • The Account Homepage
Configuring the login tools
  • Configuring the Signup Page
  • Configuring the Login Page
  • Configuring the Login Error Page
  • configuring the Password Recovery Pages
  • Configuring the Change password and Edit profile pages
  • Configuring the Administrator's pages and addition of links
The Site Navigation
  • Linking the homepage sections
  • Applying Master pages
Working with the Content Management System (CMS) Tools
  • The Blog Page
  • The Blog Admin Page
  • Adding share buttons to the Blog page
  • Configuring the CMS pages
  • Addition of scripts to the Blog page
Responsive Web Design
  • Creating Responsive Text
  • Responsive Master Page Part 1
  • Responsive Master Page Part 2
  • Making the Introduction section responsive
  • Making the About section responsive
  • Making the services section responsive
  • Making the Team section responsive
  • Making the pricing section responsive
  • Making the portfolio section responsive
  • Making the contact section responsive
  • Making the login pages responsive Part 1
  • Making the login pages responsive Part 2
  • Making the CMS Pages responsive
Search Engine Optimization Tips
  • Search Engine Optimization Introduction
  • Page Titles
  • Addition of sitemap
Publishing and Previewing of the Website Project
  • Publishing to a localhost server
  • Stretched background video
  • Publishing to a domain
  • Making some tweaks
  • Previewing and applying necessary changes
  • The domain version of the website project
  • Thank you