Introduction & Installing
  • Introduction
  • Examples of other sound effect games/apps
  • Install JDK on your PC
  • Installing Andorid Studio
  • Installing NotePad++
Open first app & learning basics
  • Open our first app
  • Learn how to open Emulators
  • Learning how to open new xml page & do default actions when starting new app
  • Basic tips about Android Studio
  • Learning basic graphic design
  • Using online image editor
  • Import our image into the project
  • Add our main image into the project
Continue to develop the project
  • Add title text to our project
  • Adding TableLayout & TableRow
  • Adding Buttons to the project
  • Search for category images
  • Add new xml pages to the project
  • Create new function (method)
  • Case click on buttons do something
  • How to use the example codes?
  • Add on override methods & on key back press
  • Adapt app to tablets and large screens
Adding sounds to project
  • Search for sound effects
  • Edit sound effects (Convert & Cut & Resize)
  • Add sound to our project
Improve project by adding popups and marketing options
  • Create app launcher icon
  • Add welcome popup message
  • Add share & about buttons
Step by step how to bring the app up in goolge play
  • Check & Make all ready before bring it up
  • Bring up the app in google play