Introduction and Course overview
  • Introduction
Project Setup and Spring Configuration
  • Create a maven project
  • Configure Dispatcher Servlet
  • Configure Spring MVC
Testing the application
  • Create controller and Test application
  • Add all required dependencies
Setup the Mysql Database
  • Setup the database
  • Create Model class
Mybatis Configuration
  • Configure Mybatis
  • Read Mybatis config file
Database operations Create, Read, Update and Delete
  • Create mapper XML file
  • Read database records
  • Display list of records in JSP
  • Write insert query in mapper XML
  • Attach button for create record
  • Create employee form
  • Database save operation
  • Create delete link
  • Pass ID to controller
  • Database delete operation
  • Add update link and get the ID
  • Read/Get the single record
  • Resolve checkbox issue
  • Database update operation