Good teams automation, GREAT teams deliver value
  • what is RPA
  • Introduction to the AEIO YOU methodology - Empower your team
  • How to identify RPA-suitable processes
Common Challenges and pitfalls of RPA
  • Common challenges most RPA /AI teams face - and how to overcome/avoid them
  • Proof of concept
  • Lack of Senior leadership team awareness and training? - SOLVED
  • Choosing the wrong processes? SOLVED
  • Not enough time/commitment with subject matter expert (SME)? SOLVED
  • Poor communication with key stakeholder teams? SOLVED
RPA beyond Proof of Concept
  • What does your business data tell you?
  • Streamline first
  • Intelligent automation
  • Core problems
  • Create a roadmap
  • Identify the right automation opportunities
Passive vs Proactive: What is your RPA team's approach to digital transformation
  • The 3 root causes, that may be causing all your current RPA challenges
  • Get ahead - 97% of businesses will be using RPA (including all your competitors)
  • No Quality checks - the problem with hybrid roles (dev-analyst or dev-support)
  • The biggest reason your programme will stall - Choosing the wrong processes
  • Staff resistance: Get this wrong & your digital transformation plan could fail
  • Steps 1-5: Apply these actions tips to make massive impact on your CoE team now
  • Steps 6-9: Apply these actions tips to make massive impact on your CoE team now
The AEIO YOU methodology - putting it all together
  • the 7 stages of AEIO YOU, step by step
  • Case Study - Utilities firms
  • client B - Financial Services
  • Client C - Accounting firm
  • Client D - Government healthcare provider
The AEIO YOU® Training Portal
  • The AEIO YOU® Training Portal - deep dive tour
  • Foreword: Guy Kirkwood chief evangelist of UiPath - Business @ the Speed of Bots